Gloria Howell and team with Gate City Real Estate in Pocatello, Idaho, turned my dream into a reality! My God, where do I begin? With tears in my eyes, as I type this post, I sit amongst boxes and boxes in my new home, with only a few days until Christmas 2021, and I couldn’t be happier! Recently retired, and divorced for some time, I literally had nobody to help me through the selling process…until Gloria came along…with all her little angels 🙂 I confided in Gloria (daily) and Gloria confided in me. A true team we made! For “months” we worked through fixing, remodeling, and anxiety ridden situations. I remember, what Gloria told me, during one of my many “high anxiety” moments, ” you can only change what you can control and the rest is mere fluff…negative thinking. That comment changed me. I think about it daily. Thank you Gloria! Treating a seller, or buyer, as a human being with real life feelings and not just a commodity is what Gloria and team is all about. If you want somebody with years of experience to “guide you” through your buying or selling process, go see Gloria. You’ll be surprisingly amazed!