Experienced and Professional Excellence


I had the pleasure of working with Gloria in purchasing my home a little over a decade ago and again in selling the home just recently.  Gloria not only explained every step of the process with clarity and transparency but also recommended reliable services to aid in the process.  I really feel like I received a mini master class in selling my home the “Gloria Howell” way and learned so much in the process that I will be able to use in purchasing and selling future properties.


Prior to selling my home, Gloria met with me to explain how to prep the home, how much to list it for based on prior and current home sales, square footage analysis, and what to include in the listing based on the unique selling features of the home.  Gloria involved me every step of the way and asked if I agreed, had other recommendations, etc.  Gloria also hired a professional photographer (Steve Van Vliet) to photograph my home for the MLS listing.  In addition to taking exceptional photos of my home, the photographer also took drone shots of my home and neighborhood, which I think really helped to sell my home quickly (because they were so good).  In addition, Gloria recommended and supported reliable local businesses (key purchase, contractor services, appliance repair, etc.) to help finalize the sale of my home.


I was continually amazed and pleased with Gloria’s expertise, professionalism, and kindness during the entire process which took way less than I anticipated.  We listed the home on a Thursday and by Saturday evening (yes, two days later), I was signing a contract (for more than the listing price).


I would highly recommend Gloria for purchasing or selling your home….she really took care of me and made the process smooth sailing (in the midst of a pandemic).