I knew I would love working with Gloria Howell from our very first conversation. She was caring, professional, ethical, and smart. She educated me on house selling principles and supported me throughout the entire experience. The guidance she gave me resulted in a fabulous end result for both me and the eventual buyer. In the middle of the process, I had to go to another state for an extended period of time due to a family tragedy. Though it was challenging and difficult on so many levels, Gloria just rolled up her sleeves and got to work on my behalf with even more determination. She personally contacted, scheduled, and met contractors at my house for me. She communicated with me regularly and gave me excellent advice, professional guidance, and took care of a myriad of details, large and small. She was an absolute rockstar! Thank you, Gloria, for being an amazing realtor and an awesome person. I could not have had this great outcome without you and your great team!

With much love and appreciation,