Experience and Integrity: These are the two words I would use that I think best describe what Gloria brought to the table. First, Gloria has been in this business in the Pocatello area for many years. It’s unlikely a person could find anyone more than Gloria in what it takes to get a house ready to sell and pricing it correctly. While my experience was having her sell a house for me, I believe her experience would also be beneficial for someone wanting to buy a house. Sometimes when selling a house there are problems that come to light that need to be fixed to close the deal, this was the case for my house. Gloria has many contacts in the construction trades and was able to get someone to quickly fix the problems so the sale could proceed. Some people claim to have integrity, I witnessed Gloria’s integrity. Gloria treats her clients as friends, and even after you are done with the deal she might on occasion give you a call or drop you a note letting you know she is thinking about you. I received a nice little magnetic calendar from her about a week ago, and a phone call the other day to chat about a few topics in our personal lives, even though our house sold 3 months ago.